I'm stuck with an uninstallable module. Drupal insists that there are Fields pending deletion and that the module can not be uninstalled. I've run cron zillion times already as advised for such situations but without success. Cron runs fine, but drupal insists that still, Fields pending deletion.

Visiting /admin/reports/fields gives no clues - the fields provided by that module are not listed. I even tried using drupal console to uninstall module with --force switch, but also without success.

I also tried drush field-info in hope to get some clues, but that's apparently not yet implemented as drush 8.1.2 gives fatal error:

Call to undefined function field_info_fields().

How do I make drupal delete those fields that pending deletion? Do I have to do this manually in database?

I've seen few tables like field_deleted_data_f5e7b87e32 or field_deleted_revision_be01eddd10 but they are all empty. Is that even relevant?

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You could force field deletion using drush with the command:

drush php-eval  'field_purge_batch(500);'

or you could install devel module and go to /devel/php and run


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