I have created a view to rank Users by the total numbers of pageviews their nodes have received. I now want to clone that view and create 2 blocks:

  1. Totals views their nodes have received this month
  2. Total view their nodes received last month.

I have tried using contextual filters and I can create a view to show total pageviews in a date range, but, that would mean me updating the filter every month. Is there another way I can do this? I don't want to limit the results to "last 30 days". Rather, January, December etc



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Take a look at the "archive" example view, which is provided by default (though disabled) as part of the views module. It can be found under "Archive" on the admin/structure/views page.

This view groups the content created on the site by year and month; the contextual filter, filter criteria, and sort criteria are already configured and working correctly. Study this example view and hopefully it will help you create what you want to do.

  • wow, after messing for half an hour with this I finally found the solution! Thanks a ton!!!
    – uwe
    Commented Apr 22, 2012 at 0:58

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