I created two entities using eck module, entities A and B.

Entity A has text field and I want it to be searchable and displayed in entity reference autocomplete.

I created entity reference view for entity A, and I set my custom field to be searchable. In view preview, content is normally displayed.

Entity B has entity reference field, where I target entity A.

I edited reference field by setting:

Reference Type -> Reference Method: Views: Filter by an entity reference view

And View used to select the entities: ENTITY_A_reference_view - Entity reference

Now in entity B add/edit form I'm using autocomplete widget, and search works, but display doesn't.

All I'm getting is ID.

no desc
(other widgets are empty as well)

I guess it's because it's still using only ID and Title fields for display, and I'm not using title as property so it's empty.

So how can I display custom fields instead of default?

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