I watched a tutorial on Drupal module development, and the namespace he used didn't include modules or src in the yml file (it is around 4:30). I'm sure this is a basic PHP question, but why didn't he have to put in those directories?

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    The summary here explains it pretty nicely – Clive Jun 2 '16 at 20:29

"Why", in a general sense, is for convenience. Drupal 8 uses PSR-4 autoloading and maps the respective module namespaces to each module's src/ directory. See drupal_classloader_register():

function drupal_classloader_register($name, $path) {
  $loader = \Drupal::service('class_loader');
  $loader->addPsr4('Drupal\\' . $name . '\\', \Drupal::root() . '/' . $path . '/src');

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