In Drupal 7 it was possible to include into one node (/node/x/edit) the following lines

Label 1
Label 2
Label 3

Result: Output of the view depending on the argument.

I need the same solution in Drupal 8! How can I realize this?

Maybe entitity reference can solve this but I am able to use entity reference in Drupal 7 but in Drupal 8 this does not work (or I don't know how).

In Drupal 7 there are other modules like "View reference", "Viewfield" ... to solve this in a similar way.

But how can I solve this in Drupal 8? The output (e.g. block) of a view should be displayed in the content of one specific node.

How can I create a node field with a reference to my adresses view output? Thank you.

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    The only reason that was possible was via token and extended token integrations to allow you to insert a token into a WYSIWYG. That certainly wasn't core behavior on its own. Reference fields are now preferred. – Kevin Sep 21 '16 at 19:47

I solved the problem by myself:

I use the modules Twig tweak and Twig input filter

to solve the problem above in Drupal 8. Works fine.


Try this :

function views_embed_view($name, $display_id = 'default') {
  $args = func_get_args();
  array_shift($args); // remove $name
  if (count($args)) {
    array_shift($args); // remove $display_id

  $view = views_get_view($name);
  if (!$view || !$view->access($display_id)) {

  return $view->preview($display_id, $args);



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