When editing a text area in Drupal 8, right clicking a highlighted spelling error doesn't produce a context menu option to correct the misspelled word. How can I correct the word on the CKEditor field?

Misspelled Word Example


According to AdamPS in Enable browsers' (native) spell checker in CKEditor

2) If you browser supports spelling suggestions, the way to access them in Drupal is slightly different. When you are in an edit area, then the normal browser context menu may be replaced by the editing context menu. However you can access the browser menu by clicking Control. [But on a Mac it is potentially command and on a tablet ....??]

You need to hold down CTRL before right clicking. (which worked for me on Windows OS)

An alternative would be to install the SpellCheckAsYouType(SCAYT) plugin for CKEDITOR

enter image description here

Note: You have to build a custom module to install CKeditor plugins in D8.

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    It looks like it's Alt+Cmd (⌥+⌘) for Mac OSX. – Shawn Conn Jun 7 '16 at 9:15

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