I have a subtheme in Drupal 7 for Garland theme. below is my my_garland.info file for the sub-theme

name = My Custom Sub Theme
description = Custom sub-theme of Garland
core = 7.x
base theme = garland
stylesheets[all][] = my_garland.css

i have also include some information in the template.php file to help with the color module

function my_garland_process_html(&$vars) {
  // Hook into color.module.
  if (module_exists('color')) {

I have also copied the color and images file from the garland theme therefore the initial blue works perfectly and i can see the color wheel but the total page layout is not changing. I have also tried to follow this link to see if it will be resolved but all in vain. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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From Example: Creating a Garland Subtheme That Utilizes the Color Module

That said, even if you do not have a style.css file in your subtheme directory, you still must add it to your .info file with stylesheets[all][] = style.css

  • Thanks @J.Reynolds, but as you are aware if I add style.css to the info file, this will override the style.css from the main theme. hence the whole site will be without the style.css attributes.
    – youngpac
    Jun 8, 2016 at 7:51

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