I am using the Business Hours module. It allows you to specify two time periods per day, for the 7 days of the week. So you could, for example, say: 9 t 1 Mondays to Fridays, and 2 - 5, Mondays to Fridays.

My problem is getting access to these values as I need to expose it in a custom module. With print_r($node), I can see the following.

[field_office_hours] => Array(
  [x-default] => Array(
    [0] => Array(
      [day] => 0
      [starthours] => 900
      [endhours] => 1700
    [1] => Array(
      [day] => 1
      [starthours] => 900
      [endhours] => 1700
    /* Omissis */

I have no idea how to get this as array. I know that the module requires the "Date" module, so these are probably Date fields, but how do I actually get the values as array?

$node->field_office_hours->value doesn't work.


Nevermind, this worked for me:

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    That gives you an array of all the values. It's $node->get('field_office_hours')->$property_name. the property name is often but not always value. You see he properties in your dump, so just use ->day and so on instead of value. – Berdir Jun 18 '16 at 18:16

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