Which is the best way to attach a collection of nodes to another node?

I'm creating a meal and ingredients nodes. I want to assign multiple ingredients to a meal and I'd like to do it programatically via modules ( content types )

Which is the best way to achieve this? Can you point me to the right direction ( links, etc...)


  • What about a taxonomy vocabulary for the ingredients list, and then just reference those taxonomy terms in your meal node?
  • You could try the Insert View module, create a view with whatever other nodes you want, and then display it at the right place in your node
  • If you want something a bit more complex, you could relate the meal node with the ingredient nodes, and collect them with a view, and then use Insert Views.

As a general note though, Views sounds like what you want to use -- it's perfect for that collecting of different information from other nodes and displaying it.

  • I want the ingredients to be nodes (entities) with custom attributes not strings. Thanks though – Xavi Colomer Jan 22 '12 at 21:36

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