What is Drupal 8 file pattern name for a specified content type?

Suppose I have a Movie content type. What is the pattern name for its page? Is it page--node--movie.html.twig?

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This is what your looking for.

The Drupal 8 code is the following one.

 * Implements hook_theme_suggestions_HOOK_alter().
function THEMENAME_theme_suggestions_page_alter(array &$suggestions, array $variables) {
  if ($node = \Drupal::routeMatch()->getParameter('node')) {
    $suggestions[] = 'page__' . $node->getType();
  return $suggestions;
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Quoting from the same page as ssibal:


Pattern: node--[type|nodeid]--[viewmode].html.twig

Base template: node.html.twig (base location: core/modules/node/templates/node.html.twig)

Theme hook suggestions are made based on these factors, listed from the most specific template to the least. Drupal will use the most specific template it finds:

  1. node--nodeid--viewmode.html.twig
  2. node--nodeid.html.twig
  3. node--type--viewmode.html.twig
  4. node--type.html.twig
  5. node--viewmode.html.twig
  6. node.html.twig

Note that underscores in a content type's machine name are replaced by hyphens.

See the node.html.twig API documentation.

So for your content type it should be node--movie.html.twig

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