I'd like to take advantage of Drupal's default CSS for even/odd rows in a table.
I use Views to list the content of a custom entity with 'Table' format.
I don't know where to put this setting...

Thanks in advance

P.-S. I use Drupal 8 (8.1.2)

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This can be related to Drupal, since you want to add classes to table rows, here is how you do it:

Copy the core/themes/classy/themplates/views/views-view-table.html.twig to your theme's template folder, and change the following lines (line 95):

    {% for row in rows %}
      {% set parity = cycle(['odd', 'even'], loop.index0) %}
      <tr {{ row.attributes.addClass(parity) }}>
  • Works fine! Thanks. Would like now to add my own CSS file to replace Drupal's default behavior. But I can't make it work! Tried to add {{ attach_library('amap/myLibrary') }} to 'amap_distributions_dates.html.twig' that is in 'templates' folder of my module.
    – gbmapo
    Commented Jun 9, 2016 at 21:25
  • I think maybe you should open another issue, but before that: 1. Your code seems to be alright. Be sure that you have an "amap" module, where you have a amap.libraries.yml and you have a "myLibrary" root yaml key there. 2. Also clear cache, or turn off twig cache. Try to check, if you css is loaded or not.
    – ssibal
    Commented Jun 10, 2016 at 6:47

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