I have a csv file of users and I would like to use the "drush user-create" command to create an account with these users and have them blocked by default with no password.

I noticed that there is a --pipe option, but I'm unsure how to use this with drush user-create to consume a csv file.

My csv file is just an email and the state:

[email protected],ny
[email protected],nj
[email protected],oh
[email protected],wy
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    You should consider using the migrate module for this purpose.
    – Eyal
    Commented Jun 9, 2016 at 22:35

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It works with this:

awk -F "," '{cmd="drush -y ucrt " $1 ">> output"; system(cmd)}' users.csv

But it wouldn't work if you have thousands of users as it takes at least a second to create one. And also I can't seem to see the output when the user account is created. Not sure why "output" isn't working. But overall it works if you need to do it like that.

  • -F stands for field separator
  • The single quote starts the awk language
  • cmd is the command variable u designate
  • system is where you run the variable cmd
  • users.csv is the file.

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