I've got a well-established theme that's building a lot of variables for the page template, ie. $variables['page']['stripe_color'] = $some_node_data; However, now I'd like to apply this variable to the body tag; so, it needs to be communicated to html.tpl.php

I know there's a bunch of ways to this, store it in a global, reevaluate in the theme_preprocess_html, but I'm wondering if there's a simple variable somewhere that's available that I'm not finding.


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Sounds like a perfect use case for the more generic hook_preprocess:

function MYTHEME_preprocess(&variables, $hook) {
  if ($hook == 'page' || $hook == 'html') {
    $variables['shared_var'] = 'foo';

$shared_var will be available in both html.tpl.php and page.tpl.php. This will be processed twice, so if it's expensive to build the vars, make sure you statically cache them.

  • And I assume $hook == 'page' is called before $hook == 'html'? Jun 10, 2016 at 14:50
  • Don't have to time to check right now but I'm 99% certain it does, yes
    – Clive
    Jun 10, 2016 at 15:03

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