How can I prevent closing CTools modal window with ESC key during AJAX request?


Try this one

 * Override Ctools modal content function to prevent closing the modal with
 * the escape key.
Drupal.CTools = Drupal.CTools || {};
Drupal.CTools.Modal = Drupal.CTools.Modal || {};
var modalContent = Drupal.CTools.Modal.modalContent;
Drupal.CTools.Modal.modalContent = function(content, css, animation, speed, modalClass) {
  modalContent(content, css, animation, speed, modalClass);
  $(document).unbind('keydown', modalEventEscapeCloseHandler);
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  • This method prevents pressing ESC always. I need to prevent pressing ESC only during AJAX request was sent. – qzmenko Jun 13 '16 at 6:29

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