I am using the Encrypt module to encrypt some of user object data.

I can encrypt data, but while decrypt it, I get the following error:

Decryption failed because the HMAC could not be validated

encrypt('name') // It works.
decrypt('some encrypted data') // It throws the above error.

How can I decrypt data using that module?


I have found below solution. I have un-serialized encrypted data. Found below details.

enter image description here

Used above input to decrypt function.

$options = array();
$method = 'mcrypt_aes_cbc';
$key_provider = 'drupal_variable';
$config = array('provider_settings' => array('method' => 'variable_contents')); // I have updated method name later.
decrypt('encrypted_text', $options, $method, $key_provider, $config); // It works now :)

For me turns out that the value of the body that was being retrieved had <p> tags around it.



so all I had to do was strip those tags.

  $body = $vars['message_body'];
  $body = strip_tags($body);
  $vars['message_body'] = decrypt($body);

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