My site was copied from production to test server. It works on Drupal 7 + Nginx + PostgreSQL. On production, user login works fine, but on test server I receive a 403 error on users/admin (or user/1) where I'm redirected after login.

What I've already checked/done:

  1. Database tables cache_* and sessions are empty.
  2. User admin in the database has: uid = 1, status = 1, roles = 2 (authorized), 3 (administrator), 10 (site admin)
  3. Try to open in IE, Chrome, Firefox. All history (cache and cookies) were deleted.
  4. In file sites/default/settings.php there are the variables $base_url = "http://mytest.domain.com", and $cookie_domain = "mytest.domain.com"
  5. nginx.conf contains such rules for 403 error:

    location ~ \..*/.*\.php$ {
        return 403;
    location ~ ^/sites/.*/private/ {
      return 403;
    location ~ (^|/)\. {
      return 403;

    Also all fastcgi_cache options are commented out.

  6. Permissions on server: sites/default - 775 (folders), 644 (files); sites/default/files - 775 (folders), 644 (files).

  7. Also I see that login field in the users table is updated when I login, but the watchdog table and sessions table don't contain rows about the session being open.

  8. php.ini: opcache.enable = 0

How can I fix the 403 error?

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I've found a problem. As I said, I'm new to this project and recently I've found that it uses a Memcache module to save sessions. But both memcached and php5-memcached were not installed on my test server.

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