I created a view for node titles only. I have inserted this view in simplenews newsletter using the Insert view module. The node title in newsletter emails are relative and broken. How do I configure my view so that absolute URls are used?

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1. Add Content: Link to Content field to your View . Your view fields will look as shown below.

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2. Make sure that your Title field is outputted as plain text. In the Content:Title field settings uncheck the checkbox "Link to the Content". This is done because you'll use plain title text as a token for the link text. Exclude Title field from display, as it will be displayed later as an absolute link text.

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3. Create settings for the absolute link output in Content: Link to Content field settings.

Open REWRITE RESULTS fieldset in Content: Link to Content field settings and check the following boxes:

Override the output of this field with custom text (set {{ title }} as text)
Output this field as a custom link
Use absolute path

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