I have one simple quick contact form (webform), it's working fine but sometimes when user fill form n submit it get submitted 2 times or 3 times.

I have checked the submission table that same data is submitted on same time 2 or 3 times.

This happens sometime but not for all submit .

If anybody have resolved this type of issue then please let me know how you have resolved it.

Thanks in advance.


You can try out a more general solution for all the forms by using Hide Submit Module

Some users accidentally click the submit button more than once while waiting for their post to be saved. In some cases this may result duplicate postings or duplicate e-commerce orders.

There are few ideas on how to solve duplicate postings but none is perfect. One of the solutions is a bit of jQuery to hide or disable the submit button after it has been clicked and replace it with an informative text such as "Processing..." .

This module wraps that jQuery code and provides some options. Of course this, too, is not a perfect solution as it requires Javascript to be enabled. For browsers with Javascript disabled this module will have no effect at all.

  • This module is so cool, first time to hear it.
    – Jimmy Ko
    Jul 26 '16 at 9:18

Have you restricted the per user submission like below image.

enter image description here

Path for this perticular configuration is node/%/webform/configure.


You can prevent duplicate submissions for all webforms in /admin/structure/webform/config

enter image description here

It prevents someone from clicking submit twice and posting the exact same data.

If a user clicks submit and then back and submit again, you will get duplicate submissions.

If the user clicks submit twice (very fast) you will not get a duplicate submission.

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