I want to use the Save Draft module for a particular content type. When I install this module by default, it will be applied to all the content types. Please let me know how to avoid this.

I'm using version 7.x-1.4 of the module.


Currently you have to install the 7.x-1.x-dev version to get settings per content type.

Once you install that version you can configure the settings on the node type settings form (eg. admin/structure/types/manage/article).

  • Thank you, It is working fine for admin but not for registered user though i have given permission to registered user for save draft module – rks Jun 20 '16 at 6:33
  • Hi, Do you have any idea why it is not working for registered user after giving permission also. – rks Jun 20 '16 at 7:01
  • That I'm not sure. Sounds like a bug though so check the issue queue for similar issues and if you don't find one open a new one. – rooby Jun 20 '16 at 22:32
  • The risk of using a dev version, right? – Pierre.Vriens Jun 21 '16 at 7:00

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