I know I can get list of of taxonomy of a vocabulary with

 $terms =  \Drupal::entityManager()->getStorage('taxonomy_term')->loadTree('course_category');


but it returned all that vocabulary terms, I am working on multi language site,I want retrieve terms of specified language.

my Drupal version is 8.1.3

  • did u pass vid of a particular vocabulary term u wanted to retrieve ?? – Shreya Shetty Jun 21 '16 at 7:38
  • yes ,but it return all of terms,` $terms = \Drupal::entityManager()->getStorage('taxonomy_term')->loadTree('course_category'); ` . I just limit to specified language – Yuseferi Jun 21 '16 at 7:39
  • Are you using any module for translation?? – Shreya Shetty Jun 21 '16 at 8:00
  • @ShreyaShetty drupal8 build-in support multi language. – Yuseferi Jun 21 '16 at 8:39
  • Do you care about the tree structure provided by the loadTree method, or do you just want to load all the terms of said language? – Eyal Jun 21 '16 at 19:51

I had some difficulties with printing tags in the current language in code too. This is what worked to get ONLY the translated terms of a vocabulary:

$vocabulary = 'MY_VOCABULARY_NAME';
$language =  \Drupal::languageManager()->getCurrentLanguage()->getId();
$query = \Drupal::entityQuery('taxonomy_term');
$query->condition('vid', $vocabulary);
$tids = $query->execute();
$terms = \Drupal\taxonomy\Entity\Term::loadMultiple($tids);
$termList = array();

foreach($terms as $term) {
        $tid = $term->id();
        $translated_term = \Drupal::service('entity.repository')->getTranslationFromContext($term, $language);
        $termList[$tid] = $translated_term->getName();

// To print a list of translated terms. 
foreach($termList as $tid => $name) {
     print $name;

To link the tags, see https://drupal.stackexchange.com/a/243160/71941


You can use the loadByProperties method to load all the entities that their fields correspond to certain values.

For a more advance selection you can use the entity query service.

  'vid' => $vid,
  'language' => $language_id
  • 1
    I had to use langcode as the property key. Note that this will only return terms that actually have a translation. – Tim Sep 9 '19 at 14:53

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