entity_get_controller() is giving me an error when I try to use a class. This class is defined in another file called ingredient.controller.inc

Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string

The following code doesn't work:

 function ingredient_add() {  
   $ingredient = entity_get_controller('ingredient')->create();
   return drupal_get_form('ingredient_add_form',$ingredient);

The following one works;

function ingredient_add() {  
  $ingredient = (object) array('iid' => '','name' => '',);
  return drupal_get_form('ingredient_add_form',$ingredient);

The class code is the following one:

class IngredientController extends DrupalDefaultEntityController {

    public function create() {
      return (object) array(
        'iid' => '',
        'name' => '',

function nutrition_entity_info() {
  $return['ingredient'] = array (
    'label' => t('Ingredient'),
    'controller class' => 'IngredientController',
    'base table' => 'ingredient',
    'uri callback' => 'ingredient_uri',
    'fieldable' => TRUE,
    'entity keys' => array (
      'id' => 'iid',
      'label' => 'name',
    'static cache' => TRUE,
    'view modes' => array (
      'full' => array (
        'label' => t('Full content'),
        'custom settings' => FALSE,
      'teaser' => array(
        'label' => t('Teaser'),
        'custom settings' => FALSE,

  return $return;

Do you have any idea?

Should the implementation of hook_entity_info() be nutrition_entity_info() or ingredient_entity_info()?

Nutrition is the module name, ingredient the entity I am creating.

There was some kind of typo on the code, as it seems to work now.

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I suspect that you haven't implemented hook_entity_info(), which is why entity_get_controller() returns nothing, and you can't call a method of nothing.

The Examples project has an issue in the queue for an entity example. Give it a read. :-)

Hooks have the module name, so if the module is called nutrition, you'd declare nutrition_entity_info().

  • Hi @paul-m. Yes I did declare the hook, but I forgot to paste it. I updated the question. Thanks! Jan 24, 2012 at 10:28

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