I'd like to be notified whenever comments are made on the site which require administrator approval before publishing; basically, I'd like to know when something new appears in the Approval Queue. I can't see any obvious settings for this.

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Sounds like something Rules should be able to do.

  • Is it possible to define a rule that will send a message only if the comment needs approval? in my case, some comments (e.g. by registered users) don't need approval.
    – daphshez
    Commented Oct 6, 2011 at 16:42

Check out the Comment Mail module -- if you're going to get an email each time there is a comment you might as well simplify the process by adding approval functionality:

The Comment Mail module allows an email to be sent to the site administrator(s) when new comments are posted. A link in the email allows quick approval, editing, deletion, and/or banning of the poster's IP address.

Word of caution: I've used this method before but quickly turned it off after the spam comments broke my spirit. Make sure you've got a robust anti-spam strategy setup (ex. antispam, mollom, captcha/recaptcha, etc.)


Yes; "rules" in your Drupal is the way to go: easiest and fastest.

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