On a Drupal 8 site, I have a content type called TeamMember which has an email field. From the view where I show all the TeamMembers, I'd like to link to a form where the user can email that person directly. Is there a way to customize the recipient of the email from a contact form?

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What we do in a few places is to have a hidden reference field to the team node in your contact message entity.

Then you pre-fill that when displaying the contact form and later on in hook_mail_alter(), use that information to change the recipient.

Requires a bit of custom code but then you don't have to create a lot of contact forms.

  • In my opinion this is also the only solution for creating forms with different recipients depending on the selected message subject.
    – 0711master
    Commented Feb 23, 2017 at 14:51

Contact forms in D8 don't have customizable recipients out of the box so you're going to need some sort of workaround.

A couple of paths that you could take:

  1. Treat your TeamMember not as Node entities, but as User entities. Use their profile page (/user/X) as the content page and use the personal contact form (/user/X/contact) as the per-TeamMember contact form.
  2. Keep the TeamMember, but create a unique contact form for each TeamMember. On the TeamMember node type, create a Link field that links to each unique contact form you've built.

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