I've configured a webform to send a custom email after submit. One of the fields in the webform is a taxonomy select (via the Webform References module). So the value in the email template looks something like this:


When the email gets sent, the selected taxonomy term gets printed out along with a reference to its URL listed at the bottom... like this:

Term Name [1]

And then at the bottom of the email is the URL:

[1] http://www.example.com/vocab-name/term-name

How do I prevent the URL from being included automatically in the email? I just want term name alone.

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When returning field value Webform References Module, add link to field output using theme function (theme_webform_display_term_reference_field()), which you can override in your theme's template.php and then clear Site Cache. Check sample code below, which you can write in your theme's template.php:

 * Format the output of data for this component.
function [THEME_NAME]_webform_display_term_reference_field($variables) {
  $values = (array) $variables['element']['#value'];
  $items = array();
  foreach (array_filter($values) as $value) {
    $tid = check_plain($value);
    if ($tid) {
      // Do not pass 2nd argument, keep it default i.e. FALSE.
      $items[] = _webform_references_get_term_name($tid);
  $output = count($items) > 1 ? theme('item_list', array('items' => $items)) : (isset($items[0]) ? $items[0] : '');
  return $output;

NOTE : This will also remove the Term field link on view submission page.

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