I need set the start date (e.g. now +1) for my date field. How can I do this on Drupal 8.1.x?

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When you create your field, you have the option of setting a default value. Set the Default Value to Relative Date and then ender "+1 day" into the textfield, and proceed with setting up the field.

When you create new entities with that field, it will default to the current time +1 day, which you can then change if needed.


The core date field doesn't support a start and end date, it's a single value field. See this discussion for the nitty-gritty for when the field was originally added, and the current issue about adding end-date support.

Date 'range' fields, with the option for a start/end date, are supported by the contributed Date module. Though the D8 version is still in dev so YMMV.

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