I want to create a teaser with 3 sections:

  1. Title Section.

  2. Information Section (Info Bar):

    1. When this Node Writed? (Date & Time).
    2. Whom is writed this Node: (Author of Node).
    3. What category consist this: (taxonamy or category).
    4. How Many Viewed (Node View Statistics).
    5. How many add Comment (Comment Statistics).
  3. Show only "Read more" Linke: at the bottom of a node teaser and remove or unset other links like the "Add New Comment", "2 New Comments", "2 Comments" at the end of a node teaser, because I dont think it makes good sense for people to comment on something that they haven't read yet.

I want to achieve something like the following picture:

Node Info Bar


Okey, you wanted a parallel full stack solution, here it is:

You create a new content type:

enter image description here

You should hide the "view count" field from the form display:

enter image description here

Here is the display for teaser:

enter image description here

You need to do some node preprocess in your custom theme (test.theme):

function test_preprocess_node(&$variables) {
  if ($variables['node']->bundle() == 'my_bounty_content' && $variables['teaser']) {

function _test_preprocess_my_content_teaser(&$variables) {
  $variables['content']['field_category'] = $variables['elements']['field_category']['0']['#title'];
  $variables['content']['field_view_count'] = $variables['elements']['field_view_count']['0']['#markup'];
  $comment_count = $variables['node']->get('field_comments')->comment_count;
  $variables['content']['comments_count'] = $comment_count ? $comment_count : 0;

You also need the functionality to increase the node view stats by each visit. Put this code into your custom module '.module' file:

 * Implements hook_entity_view().
function base_entity_view(array &$build, \Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $entity, \Drupal\Core\Entity\Display\EntityViewDisplayInterface $display, $view_mode) {
  if ($entity->getEntityTypeId() == 'node' && $entity->bundle() == 'my_bounty_content' && $view_mode == 'full') {
    $view_count = (int) $entity->get('field_view_count')->getString();
    $entity->set('field_view_count', ++$view_count);

And finally create a new template file for your content teaser in your custom theme directory under 'templates' directory:


        {{ label }}
    <ul class="meta">
        <li>{{ author_name }}</li>
        <li>{{ date }}</li>
        <li>{{ content.field_category }}</li>
        <li>Viewed: {{ content.field_view_count }}</li>
        <li>Comments: {{ content.comments_count }}</li>
    <div>{{ content.body }}</div>
    <a href="{{ url }}">{{ 'Read more'|trans  }}</a>


After this, you only need to list your nodes with teaser view. STILL the views module is the best solution for this, I didn't wrote custom code for this. If you need, let me know I will both post hardcore, and views example for that.

Adding custom theme, library, css is NOT included here.

Remember to clear cache between testing new hooks, templates and so on.

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Views module covers pretty much everything you want. You only have have to solve "node views count" somehow (extra field, hidden from display).

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  • Thanks you so much, But i dont want to use views module, Is there any other module for this purpose only? – user59566 Jun 29 '16 at 21:35
  • Maybe Panels could be a solution for this, but View would be the most common one. Personally I also would go for custom solution, hardcoding it (based on node display, using the render function). – ssibal Jun 30 '16 at 7:56
  • 1
    But i dont want to use views module, Is there any other module for this purpose only? @Arash there is no reason for anyone to build a module for this when Views already does this. You have something against views? Your only other option would be to build a custom module yourself. – No Sssweat Jul 20 '16 at 5:50

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