I am trying to create a page that displays images and username posted in instagram with a specific hashtag, just like when you search a hashtag through instagram. All modules I found present feed from a specific user, not a hashtag. Is there any module that provides this functionality for Drupal 8 installation?

  • Probably not. Instagram's recent updates to their API TOS mean that you have to jump through some extra hoops to pull that kind of data. – acrosman Jun 28 '16 at 18:36

So, as in the comment addresses, Instagram and Facebook changed the API to access Instagram and right now only creators and business accounts are fully supported. There is a spin off of the D7 instagram block module but it’s not done yet. I don’t think the API will let you access other users content, but from what little I poked around they probably have hash search capabilities. Based on how recently some of the functionality was deprecated, I think most of us are in the “roll your own, or do without” boat. I am currently reviewing on how to implement a regular feed on D7, and can confirm that there are more steps as you basically need to build out a Facebook app to use Insta. I guess it’s cool that it’s built for GraphSql...

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