I am using Commerce Admin Order Advanced. It allows the following extras when creating an order in Drupal Commerce

  • Search users by email or profile name before creating the order

  • Select existing customer profiles before creating the order Validates

  • Check a new customers email against existing customers to prevent duplicates

  • Moves customer profiles to the top of the admin order form

  • Provides copy address profile functionality on the admin order
    interface (uses the same settings as the checkout pane for this

But it also will create a new user with an order, however there is no email sent to the new user with a one time link to login and set a password.

Does anyone know how this could be achieved?

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I have achieved this using Rules

The Rule is as follows.

Events After updating an existing commerce order

Conditions Data value is empty - commerce-order:owner:last-login

Actions Send account e-mail

The reason why I have used this Event rather than 'After creating a new order' is to do with how this 'Commerce Admin Order Advanced' module works. You create the order before adding line items. And since I only need this email to be sent when a certain product type is created, this should suffice, hence I add the following condition

Order contains products of particular product types - Bespoke (an arbitrary product type)

But in order to prevent these emails being sent again should an admin update the order again, I have added the following extra Condition

Data comparison - commerce-order:created == commerce-order-unchanged:changed

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