I want to create a archive block for blogs. I tried by using default archive view block, bot that structure is not suitable for my requirement. I need years to display and when I click on years, months should display like below:

             Jan 2016
             Feb 2016
             Jan 2015
             Jan 2015 

In the same way after a click on year/month, related data should get display.


Use the Views module, then add the creation date of the blog to your views fields; it will be displayed.

  • Create a new view that shows only nodes whose content type is blog
  • Select the format you want
  • In the fields section, add the title and other fields you want to display
  • Add the date field
  • Save it; you should get what you wanted
  • Can you edit your question to also explain how to display the months (as requested in the question)? – Pierre.Vriens Jun 30 '16 at 12:36

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