I have a non-multilingual taxonomy on a multilingual site. All of the terms in the taxonomy are in English.

However, since this is a taxonomy of locations, some of the translations of the names of states/prefectures are in the database as part of the general interface translations.

I have a search index in Search API that indexes the taxonomy terms (field reference on a node) as type taxonomy term. Somehow, Search API is sometimes picking up the translations when it is doing the index, so I get results like this:

  • Tokyo (50)
  • 東京 (25)

These are both Tokyo, just some of the entries are converted into Japanese. The only thing I can think is that the author language is set to Japanese for the nodes that are coming up as Japanese. However, when I display the data in a view, all of it shows up in English.

So, how can I force Search API to ignore translations when indexing taxonomy terms?

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One workaround: since I didn't need the translations in my case, I could go to the Translate UI screen and search for them and delete them one-by-one. A real pain, but at least it cleared up the problem.

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