How do I get the node ID for a node associated with my taxonomy term with the Devel module?

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Terms have a term ID number (tid) and nodes have a node id number (nid). Terms are applied to nodes so nodes can be associated to terms and vice versa.

Devel module can show the structure of a taxonomy term. To achieve this:

  • Download and enable the devel.module
  • Ensure you are logged in with a user who has the Access developer information permission
  • Browse to the taxonomy term you want to inspect
  • Click the Devel tab if it is visible
    • If it is not visible, that is likely either a permissions issue or a theme issue - to fix a theme issue you could try changing to a core theme like Bartik
  • Then you should see some output like this: devel rendering of a term
  • You can click tokens or Render or other sub-tabs as well
  • This shows the tid and other values associated with the term, but not the nid of nodes associated with the term

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