Drupal 8 comes natively with a module called "Language". This module will be installed even in English websites.

Uninstalling this module from UI or from drush pmu language --- is it a dangerous move?

I ask since when I did drush en language I got the message:

language was installed successfully language defines the following permissions: administer languages

I wasn't sure if that's something good because I then remembered that the module comes natively with the system so I removed it with drush pmu language.

I was afraid this "radical" move could do some damage at least in time being. From a Drupal programmer's standpoint, can this be dangerous or cause wired behaviors in time being?

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The Drupal 8 language module is disabled by default. Uninstalling it just sets it back to its default state. This is not "dangerous".

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  • You are right; I have now installed a test site in a "Standard" installation profile and it appeared disabled. I seem to have been confused from several installments that where either non-English from the start or have been changed to a non English language after install. Thanks. – user16289 Jul 5 '16 at 4:12

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