A node (Content 1) has two Tax-Terms (Category-Term 1, Category-Term2). The current relationship contains following entry: term from field_category and it's grouped via field_category.

How is it possible via a view to get this result?

  • Category-Term 1
    • Content 1
  • Category-Term 2
    • Content 1

But the current result is:

  • Category-Term 1, Category-Term2
    • Content 1, Content 1

Thanks for help. Best C

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In your view FIELDS click on your Catagory field, since your category allows for multiple values, you should see the following option Multiple Field Settings, click on it to expand it:

enter image description here

All you gotta do is uncheck this.

  • Terrific!!! :-D
    – cqueiser
    Jul 6, 2016 at 10:45

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