I have users with a "field_org" entity reference (multiple values allowed) to the "Org" content type. I also have a "field_org" (single value) in my "Article" content type.

When looking at a user profile (let's call this user "UserA"), how do I build a view that gets you "articles from your orgs" (i.e. created by other users that also belong to any of UserA's orgs)? And, bonus question: how do I exclude articles created by UserA? (since I have a separate "your articles" view showing in the same page).

I know this is probably a combination of relationships and contextual filters, but I can't figure out exactly how to configure them. Probably something like this:

  • Contextual filter on node author to prevent "UserA's articles" from showing (set to "exclude" in the options)
  • Contextual filter on node author, but probably set to one of the relationships below.
  • Relationship between article nodes and orgs?
  • Relationship between orgs and users?

Both contextual filters would load the same user ID using "Provide default value".

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  1. Create a content view
  2. Add the Content: Author relationship
  3. Add the Content: Author uid contenxtual filter
    • Provide default value: User ID from URL

So far we have a view displaying content created by a certain user, we still have to narrow down the results to a single content type.

  1. Add the Content: Type filter = Org

Note that a page view (with a path) will show no results if you just hit the path. To have results you must pass a uid to the url, like mypath/%uid. On the other hand you can create a block or a content pane and place/embedded it to the user's profile, view's will return all results (if any) for you!


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