Calling debug($node) in page.tpl.php seems to show that the node object is not fully populated at this stage.

I would like to access node_url in my page template so that I can add certain CSS classes for some nodes without having to use the nid. Is there maybe a way to access a more fully populated node object in template_preprocess_page()?

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You could use the drupal_get_path_alias() function along with the node's nid to get the URL alias of the node without having to load the object:

$url = drupal_get_path_alias("node/$node->nid");

If you want the fully loaded node object though use node_load():

$node = node_load($node->nid);

Memory fails me as to whether node_url is added to the node object in a hook_node_load() implementation or as part of a theme preprocess so I'm not 100% sure it's implicitly available after you call node_load()...if it's not just use the first example which will work.


On inspecting the node module the node_url member comes from template_preprocess_node so while node_load() will give you the fully loaded node, I don't think it's going to be useful in this case.

In fact looking at node.tpl.php and template_preprocess_node, node_url isn't added to the node object at any point so you wouldn't normally access it with $node->node_url but instead $node_url. That variable is available by default in node.tpl.php but not page.tpl.php so you'll have to get it another way (i.e. first example above).


$url = drupal_get_path_alias("node/$node->nid");

The above will return the URL path, but NOT the ?q= if you are not using clean URLS. Just thought I'd mention that.

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