In Drupal 8, it is easy to add display/view modes. Let say I created the tech display mode and I set it up for the film content type.

Now, I would like to create a route for it and access it as local task of entity.node.canonical.

How can I achieve this?


In Drupal 8 there are two display modes: view mode and form mode.

You can define the view mode in a route using the _entity_view key.

_entity_view: The value is entity_type.view_mode. Will find an entity in the path and render it in the given view mode. E.g. _entity_view: node.teaser will return the render array of the {node} in teaser mode.

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The View Mode Page module does just what you're looking for, creating alternate paths to access different view modes.

Create separate pages for different view modes for a given content type.

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