I have Organic Groups version 7.x-2.9 installed on a Drupal 7.50 install.

When I try to add users from /admin/people/create I get a white screen and the error

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method
EntityReference_SelectionHandler_Broken::buildEntityFieldQuery() in /var/www/sandbox/sites/all/modules/contrib/og/plugins/entityreference/selection/OgSelectionHandler.class.php on line 79, referer: http://drupal.sandbox/node/25

Does anybody know how I fix this? Otherwise I can't use Organic Groups module, I guess I'll have to try the Group module instead.

I found this issue on Drupal.org but there doesn't seem to be a fix for it


What is it about my site that might be causing this? Presumably there are 32,461 other Drupal sites running successfully with OG installed.

UPDATE - I subsequently installed the same version of OG on a different Drupal site where I am not seeing this problem, so it must be something weird about the first site.

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