Here is my use case:

I have created a media bundle (FILM IMG) to store a media entity (image) field. I can manage it at admin/structure/media/manage/film_img/fields

In a content type named "FILM" , I have added a entity reference field which reference my "FILM IMG" media entity bundle.

I am also using file_field_path module to rename the uploaded images. When I am adding a new image for a new Film, I would like to use hook_filefield_paths_process_file to rename my image file name.

This hook is providing me the media entity ($entity) as a parameter, but of course it is not providing the Film entity that I need (I need it to get some info to rename my file name)

Here is my question: How to get the "parent" entity from the referenced entity;

In other words, with my use case: How to get my film node from the image media entity provided by the hook.

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You can get that with an entity query:

// Get IDs of all film nodes that reference this entity
$nids = Drupal::entityQuery('node')
  ->condition('type', 'film')
  ->condition('field_foo.target_id', $entity->id())

// Load the nodes
$nodes = Drupal::entityManager()
  • Many thanks for the help, unfortunately, this is not working. Even if I add the missing 'node' parameter : Drupal::entityQuery('node')..., the result will be empty because I think that the entity is not yet saved when the hook is called. If I run this query after the save operation, I got the expected result.
    – Baud
    Jul 15, 2016 at 21:17

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