In Drupal 8, how can I add a class to teaser p html tag. I want to style the paragraph in teaser only, not when whole content is shown.


We can style that with simple css,

.node--view-mode-teaser .node__content p {
  /* write you style */

I think, you don't need to add separate class in P tag for that. and it would also affect only the teaser mode content :)

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    This answer is good, assuming he doesn't need to add a specific class name. Ex: Boostrap or Foundation class names. – No Sssweat Jul 16 '16 at 10:41

Assuming you're talking about the default front page teasers:

Edit the Frontpage view, and Instead of Show: Teaser, click on teaser and change it Show: Fields

Then you basically create your own custom teaser.

Add Fields: title, body (summary or trimmed), post date, comments link, etc...

enter image description here

Then click on Style Settings and the classes to your body (re-using pic from another answer)

enter image description here

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