I have custom content types in my Drupal 8 module and want to query nodes of those content types programmatically.

Querying through entityQuery is easy. However, I have also entity reference fields (so a node of one content type has a relation to a node of another content type).

Is there a way how to make a query that will return 'rows' of field values, exactly as when I use raw SQL INNER JOIN? I want to have an associative array of all field values, not only the specific node, but also the referenced nodes/entities.

Right now I have an own class to handle this, but it's way too much complicated and, I believe, unnecessary, so I guess I'm missing something.

Thank you.

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Views uses joined tables a lot, you can implement this in UI and run it in code.

Or use a db_select.

Example from Drupal\taxonomyTermStorage:

public function getNodeTerms(array $nids, array $vocabs = array(), $langcode = NULL) {
    $query = db_select('taxonomy_term_field_data', 'td');
    $query->innerJoin('taxonomy_index', 'tn', 'td.tid = tn.tid');
    $query->fields('td', array('tid'));
    $query->addField('tn', 'nid', 'node_nid');
    $query->condition('tn.nid', $nids, 'IN');
    if (!empty($vocabs)) {
      $query->condition('td.vid', $vocabs, 'IN');
    if (!empty($langcode)) {
      $query->condition('td.langcode', $langcode);

    $results = array();
    $all_tids = array();
    foreach ($query->execute() as $term_record) {
      $results[$term_record->node_nid][] = $term_record->tid;
      $all_tids[] = $term_record->tid;

    $all_terms = $this->loadMultiple($all_tids);
    $terms = array();
    foreach ($results as $nid => $tids) {
      foreach ($tids as $tid) {
        $terms[$nid][$tid] = $all_terms[$tid];
    return $terms;
  • Thanks, I didn't know I can use Views created in UI programmatically. This is probably what solves my problem :) Commented Jul 19, 2016 at 10:57

No, there is not.

Entity query only returns IDs, you need to load those and then from there access the referenced entities.

  • Am I doing something wrong in design then (shouldn't use nodes but something else instead)? To me it seems like a lot of unnecessary work (loading nodes, then accessing fields, if reference field - load referenced entity, load field and repeat on every node) comparing to using an own SQL INNER JOIN sentence. Commented Jul 17, 2016 at 15:23

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