What URIs are accessed by drush up? Is it drupal.org? Are there any other URIs? I have tried using drush up --debug, but I can't seem to find a list of URIs. I have also googled it using the key words drush access URL and drush access URI, among others.


I just took a look through the drush code. In Drush/UpdateService/ReleaseInfo.php, you can see that drush grabs project release info via this url: https://updates.drupal.org/release-history

You can test it yourself - try https://updates.drupal.org/release-history/views/7.x for example.

The release info contains the download links for the projects.

Drush actually has two package handlers, git and wget (see commands/pm/download.pm.inc)

The wget one uses the download_link from the release history, and the git method uses git.drupal.org. See commands/pm/package_handler/wget.inc and commands/pm/package_handler/git_drupalorg.inc

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If you are referring to drush dl, then by default Drush downloads from drupal.org, if you don't tell Drush to use another URL.
For example, if you use drush dl views --source="updates.modules.org/history", Drush would probably download the Views module from modules.org, instead of drupal.org. From where the module would be downloaded depends from what updates.modules.org/history/views/7.x (for Drupal 7) or updates.modules.org/history/views/8.x (for Drupal 8) returns.

If you look at what https://updates.drupal.org/release-history/views/7.x retuns, you will notice a line like <download_link>https://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/views-7.x-3.14.tar.gz</download_link>, which is telling to Drush to download the Views module version 7.x-3.14 from https://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/views-7.x-3.14.tar.gz.

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