I'm confused on how to get a nodequeue to appear on the front page?

I took over an existing Drupal website with Views and Nodequeue installed.

  • I created the nodequeue I want to add to the front page view as well as the nodes to include in the queue.
  • I duplicated the "relationship" and "sort"/ "filter" settings from the views that are already on the homepage.
  • This nodequeue I created looks fine when I preview it..

How do I actually assign the nodequeue to display on the front page like the others? I can't figure it out for the life of me.



Edit your Nodequeue view and click on +Add button and select Attachment.

Now go to your front page view and in the FOOTER add Global: View area and select your attachment.


In blocks, place the Nodequeue view block on a region and configure the block, for Visivility Settings select only listed pages and put <front>

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