How do you alter the URL generated by CKEditor Link, for a specific content type.

For example I have book_section content type. If a content editor links to a node with type of book_section I want to step in and link to a fragment/anchor within the parent node instead. The convention of my anchor ids are <a id="/node-alias" />

As per documentation provided by the CKEditor Link module author I've used hook_ckeditor_link_types and hook_ckeditor_link_TYPE_url in a custom module to make the following modifications.

 * Implements hook_ckeditor_link_types
function ajf_ckeditor_link_types() {
    return array('book_section');

 * Implements hook_ckeditor_link_TYPE_url
function ajf_ckeditor_link_book_section_url( $path, $langcode ) {
    if (!preg_match('`^node/(\d+)$`', $path, $matches)) {

    $nid = $matches[1];
    $node = node_load( $nid );

    if ( 'book_section' != $node->type ) {

    $parent = menu_link_load( $node->book['plid'] );
    $options = array( 'fragment' => '/'. $node->path['alias'] );
    $url = ckeditor_link_url( $parent['link_path'], $langcode, $options );
    return $url;

When viewing a page with links to book_section nodes I'm getting an empty response from the server. I'm thinking the repeated node_load calls is exceeding the servers resources.

Appreciate advice you may have.


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