On a D7 site I have two rules (using the Rules module) reacting on the same event which is 'After saving a new entityform submission'.

When the actual event occurs only 1 gets fired, even though I've played around with Rule weights. So either I can give precedence to 1 of them or get them to fire at the same time but no luck.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.


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2 separate Rules using the same "after update something" event, that's asking for problems.

You should try to rework/redesign those 2 rules somehow. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • If both rules don't have any Rules Conditions, then move all the Rules Actions of 1 rule to the other rule (and think of the best "order" to execute all Rules Actions).

  • If Rule 1 has a Rules Condition (say) "Condition1" and Rules Action (say) Action1, and Rule 2 has a Rules Condition (say) "Condition2" and Rules Action (say) Action2, then use the Conditional Rules module to merge both rules together (also), with a Rules Action (not Rules condition!) that looks like so:


    If Condition 1 then Action 1


    If Condition 2 then Action 2

    Note: if appropriate, first perform anything related to Rule 2, then Rule 1


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