I am using Date Module to display the view summary for a particular year and also count the contents are created in the same year.

I have created the several contents in the year of 2016 , it may contain more than 12 contents.

In each content, I have created the DATE field in the format of (Day / Month)

And, I have called all the contents in the block , while clicking the link content , the content detail should be displayed in the page.

Here , I need to display only one link from a year andwhen clicking the links, it should show all the contents are created in the year(2014)

Help me to sort out this issue

  • And, I have called all the contents in the block, If you have already called each content then it should be corresponds to content of original content. And that you want.
    – CodeNext
    Commented Jul 20, 2016 at 16:58

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Look the Archive view /archive it will give you solution.


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