I have written a custom Migration tp import redirects (D7 -> D7).

Everything is working fine. Imports were successful, rollbacks are working fine etc.

However, I am getting Processed XXXX (0 created, 0 updated, 0 failed, 0 ignored) in XX seconds (XXXXX/min) message after import.

Why is not showing the number of items created?

Is there a method in destination plugin or migration where I need to return this count or return TRUE/FALSE for each row processed or something like that?


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Got answer!!

I missed the following code from the abstract class MigrateDestination:

 * Maintain stats on the number of destination objects created or updated.
 * @var int
protected $numCreated = 0;
public function getCreated() {
  return $this->numCreated;
protected $numUpdated = 0;
public function getUpdated() {
  return $this->numUpdated;

These variables need to be updated during the import process and need to be defined/updated in class that is extending the MigrateDestination.

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