In drupal 7 I used to just do a drush vset theme to change the theme in the command line, but that doesnt work in drupal 8 anymore. How would one change the theme in the command line for drupal 8 using drush?


you can do the following:

drush config-set system.theme default bartik

Here are the commands for drupal 8 using drush. Its called "config" now:

Config commands: (config)

 config-edit (cedit)   Open a config file in a text editor. Edits are imported into active configuration after closing editor. 

 config-export (cex)   Export configuration to a directory.                                                                    
 config-get (cget)     Display a config value, or a whole configuration object.                                                
 config-import (cim)   Import config from a config directory.                                                                  
 config-list (cli)     List config names by prefix.                                                                            
 config-pull (cpull)   Export and transfer config from one environment to another.                                             
 config-set (cset)     Set config value directly. Does not perform a config import.

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