i want to create a theme setting to change blocks position(region) for ex.

option_1 block_branding-> region_top block_main_menu-> region_menu

option_2 block_branding-> region_branding block_main_menu-> region_header_first

I think that should do something like:

  • Create a file with a function to change the region of the blocks according to option.
  • Call this function when the form is submitted.

But I don't how to get block info to change its position.

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First of all you should change each desired block region for your theme manually at Administration>Structure>Block layout Tab and then go to the config export function at:
Administration>Configuration>Development>Configuration synchronization>Export Tab>Full archive to export all the block settings for your theme.
Then you should take a look at to the generated YAML files and placed them in a new folder within your theme at /config/install. you then uninstalled the theme and then reinstalled it as the default.

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