I have one content type were I cannot add Paragraph items. I select the item, And I get the table header, but no paragraph loads, no error.

In logs I see:

Location: .../system/ajax/

Referrer: .../node/add/product/


Notice: Undefined index: #bundle in theme_paragraphs_field_multiple_value_form() (line 1170 of .../sites/all/modules/contrib/paragraphs/paragraphs.module).

Line 1170 is:

// Add the items as table rows.
foreach ($items as $key => $item) {
  $item['_weight']['#attributes']['class'] = array($order_class);
  $delta_element = drupal_render($item['_weight']);
  $cells = array(
    array('data' => '', 'class' => array('field-multiple-drag')),
    array('data' => $delta_element, 'class' => array('delta-order')),
  $rows[] = array(
    'data' => $cells,
    'class' => array('draggable', drupal_html_class('paragraphs_item_type_' . $item['#bundle'])), // Line 1170

This has worked, and I have other content types on which this field works. I can not see any difference in the field or content types.

Has anyone run into this before? I would love some direction on where to look for problems.

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This seems like it can be related to the Entityqueue module. The Draggable tables widget provided by the Entityqueue module doesn't take into account that their are other entity forms (like paragraphs in your case).

There is a patch to fix this currently but it needs some work: https://www.drupal.org/node/2460503

  • I used your solution to replace the Draggable Table widget on the Entity reference field that references the Entityqueue with a widget created by the Multiple Select module. [link]drupal.org/project/multiple_selects[/link] Commented Jul 25, 2016 at 18:54

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