Adding new separate menu link in admin config page like development service

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Adding link to admin config under development, media, service is easy but creating new separate menu like admin_config_development, admin_config_service , admin_config_media is bit tricky.

As mentioned in

Create same file with small alteration modulename.links.menu.yml

  title: ' settings'
  description: ' selection.'
  route_name: modulename.settings
  parent: 'system.admin_config'
  title: 'settings'
  description: 'selection.'
  route_name: modulename.settinganother
  parent: 'modulename.admin_config_modulename'  
  menu_name: modulename

By: monkpal

  • I modified your answer as link only answers are not acceptable here. Why? because if the website you're linking goes down, your answer is useless. I have quoted the relevant part and gave credit to the author. – No Sssweat Jul 25 '16 at 7:25

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